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Flex India

Playing on the forefront of the Indian economic renaissance, UFLEX has created an extensive network of state-of-the-art infrastructure, an experienced team and world-class systems, policies and procedures.Servicing quality sensitive and innovative requirements of MNCs gearing to meet the challenges of ever-changing markets helped UFLEX develop not only a dynamic and vibrant supply chain but also a culture of innovation. Trusted for quality, tested for success, UFLEX's India operations outgrew itself to perform on the global marketplace leaving an indelible stamp of quality, reliability and relationships on the global mind space.


  • Three state-of-the-art BOPET film lines manufacturing 60000 MT (132 million lbs)/year
  • Two BOPP lines manufacturing 36,000 MT (80 million lbs.) of film per year
  • Five high-barrier plasma enhanced metallisers with a capacity to metallise 30,000 MT (over 66 million lbs.) of film per year
  • One CPP film line manufacturing over 6000 MT (13 million lbs)/year




Flex Films have three production lines for manufacturing Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terapthalate Films (BOPET) with a capacity of over 60,000 Metric Tons per annum (132 million lbs). Sold under the brand name of FLEXPET™ and available in the thickness range of 8 to 50 microns, these films offer excellent machinability, dimensional stability, clarity, moisture and gas barrier, high tensile strength, outstanding durability, runnability, printability, surface smoothness and resistance to tear and abrasion. FLEXPET™ is suitable for various applications like printing and packaging, thermal lamination, metallising, hot stamping, electrical insulation, holography, synthetic yarn etc.

Flex India




Our Two Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film lines have an annual production capacity in excess of 35,000 Metric Tons/annum (80 million lbs) in thickness range of 8 to 50 microns and produce films of high strength, dimensional stability and stiffness, with excellent barrier to moisture and gas and is heat sealable on one or both sides. Sold under the brand name of FLEXOPP™ these films find applications in print lamination, reverse print & lamination, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, release applications, decorative applications, reams and sheet for manual wrapping, bag application, print and pouching, cable wrapping, vacuum metallising base film, overwrap, printing and lamination.

Flex India




Flex Films has five state-of-the-art metallisers with a total capacity of 30,000 MT (over 66 million lbs.) per annum producing high barrier plasma metallised films, sold under the brand name of FLEX MET PROTECT™, that can be used for converting, packing, laminating, insulation ducting, electronic goods packaging, metallic yarns and in other decorative applications. Engineered to manufacture a high degree of barrier metallised films with plasma treatment, optical density ranging from 0.5 to 3, these metallisers offer excellent barrier properties to substrates like polyester film (8-50 microns), BOPP film (8-50 microns), CPP films (18-150 microns) which can be barrier metallised upto a width of 2,450mm

Flex India




Expanding the area of business and diversifying the line of products, Flex Films has also set up a five layered Cast Polypropylene film line with a capacity of 6,000 Metric Tons(13 million lbs) Tonnes per annum. Designed to meet the functional requirements of the user, these films offer better heat seal strength and opticals, excellent moisture barrier, metallisation and twistability and higher tear strength, weld strength and yield as compared to many other films. These CPP films are sold under the brand name FLEXCPP™ in the thickness range of 18-150 microns with a maximum width of 2,450mm and corona treatment on either one or both sides. The wide range of applications for these films include lamination and metallised lamination film for packaging, bakery and confectionary wraps, biscuits and cake packaging, textile bags, twist and metallised twist wraps, anti fog film for fruit, vegetable and bulk flower wrapping, over wrap of toilet papers, napkins and health care products etc.

Thus we are continually updating our "World Class Manufacturing" capabilities by investing in new equipment, technology and research and development.


Flex India


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