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In the globalized world we operate in today, we have to compete against the world’s best companies in the Packaging industry. In order to successfully hold our own, we need to develop a vital competitive edge in a reasonably high technology and application oriented business. One of the best ways of achieving this is by sustained innovation and development of new products and applications ahead of competition. Even a cursory analysis of the history of this business shows that almost all companies that have achieved a high level of excellence have done so by using innovation to great advantage.


Flex Films and innovation


At Flex Films, we realize that innovation is a key result area and, therefore, one of our prime thrusts is to develop and execute an appropriate innovation strategy as an essential part of our overall business plan. This starts with a predominant and unwavering focus on developing the necessary skills, having a well-defined plan, identifying and earmarking the requisite resources, a high degree of implementation and, to be truly successful, it must culminate in results – viz. the building up of a good track record of new and innovative products. This is a most exacting task and requires an extreme level of dedication and single-mindedness.

We can be proud of some of our achievements in this area.


Our Major Film Innovations


Flex Films has been very active on the innovation front and has developed many innovative new products in the last couple of years. We are listing below some of the major new innovations.


Green PET films – In line with the global demand for sustainability and our own focus on “green” products, we have developed our Green PET range of films, which are made from PTA produced by the oxidation of paraxylene and Green MEG that is manufactured from ethanol produced from agro-based sources. These replace conventional inputs that are produced from petroleum-based feedstock. PET film contains 30% of MEG, which in this case is totally based on renewable agro inputs. These films are approved by the USFDA and also meet all EU guidelines for food compliance and food contact. These films have the same properties as traditional films made from petro-based PET resins.

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rPET films – This is another range of “green” films. They contain up to 30% post consumer recyclate PET (rPET) resins that are obtained by a tertiary chemical glycosis process. Post-consumer PET waste that would otherwise have been consigned to land-fills is thus recycled into high-quality films. These films are, again, USFDA and EU compliant for safe food contact. They are available in all thicknesses and widths and exhibit properties that are as good as films made from 100% virgin PET resins.

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Direct Embossable PET Film – This film is coextruded with a special surface layer that can be embossed directly without any off-line coating, an expensive process. The embossing can be carried out at lower temperatures (lower energy costs) and leaves deep and sharp impressions. This surface can be metallised with excellent metal adhesion and is ideal for holographic applications and is available in the 13 to 50 micron thickness range.

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Antistatic Twistable PET Film – This USFDA and EU food compliant film has been developed for highly exacting twist wrapping applications. It is available as a high-transparency or metallised film with zero memory and retains twist perfectly. It delivers up to 50% higher packaging speeds than cellophane and more than double those obtained from PVC films.

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Special Heatsealable PET Film – A special range of films (12 to 50 microns), one side of which is printable and the other side seals to itself, APET and CPET over a wide sealing temperature range with high seal strength. The film has superior oxygen and aroma barrier and is approved for direct food contact.

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Liquid Packaging PET Film – The film is barrier moralized (optical density of 2.3) on a surface specially modified for high metal bond strength and enhanced laminate adhesion strength. The film is UV resistant and is approved for food contact. It is especially suitable for packaging of liquids and for industrial bulk packaging.

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High clarity PET films – These have extremely low haze values.

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Low slip PET Films – Their surface COF is tailored to facilitate stack ability of bags using the in the outer layer.

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White PET Films – PET film with excellent opacity in various thickness ranges suitable for lids, labels & surface printing where white background is required.

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Isotropic PET film – prepared from special isotropic resin, ideal for Lidding application in dairy products especially yoghurt cups.

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Extrusion Coatable BOPP Films – which are suitable for direct extrusion coating and extrusion lamination operations without priming.

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Retortable CPP Films – These films are suitable for direct contact with products in retort packaging applications.

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AlOx Coated Films – AlOx coating is the application of a thin and highly transparent coating of aluminium oxide on packaging films that gives the materials extremely high moisture and gas barrier properties that rival those of aluminium foils and metallised films. It is the only truly high-barrier flexible packaging material available that is transparent and allows the packaged product to be clearly visible. This not only provides a big marketing plus but also facilitates operations like optical scanning/inspection and metal detection during and after the packaging process, something that is not possible with aluminium foils or metallised films. The levels of barrier available from AlOx coated films are far superior to those provided by other transparent flexible packaging materials like PVDC-based structures and EVOH coextrusions. Furthermore, moisture and gas permeabilities are not affected by high levels of temperature or relative humidity and are independent of the base film thickness thus enabling maximum downgauging of packaging materials. An important feature of AlOx coated films is that they are microwavable, which aluminium foils and metallised films are not. As they can be retorted as well, this makes them ideally suited for the packaging of processed foods that can be microwave heated or cooked in the pack itself before consumption. AlOx coating is cutting edge technology and only a very select handful of film manufacturers are equipped with AlOx coating capabilities. .


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