Innovation is the BUZZ Word @ FlexFilms!

Innovation to create value added differentiation is our raison d'être!

At FlexFilms you will get a solution that is customized for you. No two substrates that we manufacture are likely to be the same. We ensure that the science of film making delectably compliments the art of converting much to your delight and advantage. Our engineers have a keen eye for detail to address issues such as packaging functionality, aesthetics, barrier properties, brand protection, sustainability among others. In response to these pivotal issues, we have categorized our films in different zones. No matter what your end goal is, we have a film for you!!!


Going Green is a Way of Life at Flex Films! Sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy and cascades all the way down to our processes and products. Lush Green Zone reaffirms our commitment towards ecological equilibrium showcasing our marquee products that are a tangible contribution towards ‘Circular Economy’.

PCR Based Films

These films represent reduced carbon footprint through the use of post-consumer materials. A closed loop system may even be possible in certain situations. Flex has the broadest offering of PCR based BOPET films in the industry.

8μm MPET and 8μm Clear PET

These films represent a light weighting option. The end-user can produce similar packaging structures to traditional ones with lower use of plastics.

Twist Grade Film

These films may be used in similar applications to PVC based films. Chlorine containing PVC films are not green and represent older technology.

F-PLO (Low Grade AlOx)

This grade represents a technical replacement for older technology PVDC coated films for barrier use. PVDC coated films are not green and due to chlorine content, forbidden in some areas of the globe.

Biodegradation Film

This grade represents a new class of film. Degradation of the PET film is done through biological mechanisms.


DESTINY zone represents comprehensive substrate replacement opportunities for converters and end-users. New ideas mooted here will spur a lot of good discussion about the real art and science of converting!

NOTE- Three grades in this area have one or multiple global patent applications assignable to Flex Films.

F-ISB (Medical Film)

This film represents the ability to replace both PVC and Nylon in a traditional 3-ply medical CFF push through pill package. The older PVC/Alu/Nylon structure has been common for more than 4 decades so this is truly a revolutionary concept and the subject of 2 global patent applications.

F-TFP (Forming Film)

This very high elongation BOPET film represents the ability to replace both Nylon and APET in many structures that require draw. Trays and formed webs for meat and cheese are application ideas. This type of film is significantly more cost effective than traditional films. This film is the subject of one global patent application.


This grade represents a replacement to archaic cellophane and PVC films. Both of these grades have been lingering, for instance, in the candy twist market for many years. PET film with good deadfold and twist properties allow the converter many opportunities for unique structures not yet imagined. This film is the subject of one global patent application.


This heat-seal PET film is very robust in terms of sealing strength and suitability for cooking. The converter can imagine many new types of packaging structures with a film fully compliant for high temperature use.


This grade of film may be a suitable foil replacement for high-end packaging. Structures not yet imagined may be possible through utilization of this grade.


This grade of film represents the potential for a universal printable and priming film. Many different types of inline or off-line primed films may be merged into this single film type.


This type of film is inline primed for direct PE extrusion. This obviates the need for the converter to off-line prime for PE adhesion thus allowing any converter to improve efficiency.

MET CPP (grade to C-CPM/M)

This type of film represents a type of surface printable monoweb technology. The converter can surface print and over lacquer, thus making economical and unique product offerings possible.


PRUDENTIAL Zone showcases films that are a ‘Real Shot in the Arm’ for converters and brands alike. These films bring instant convenience and enhance the usability and functionality of packaging. Unimaginably unique laminate structures can be engineered with the use of these materials.

F-ESB (Super High COF Film)

This film allows the end-user to build a package with an extremely high outer COF. High COF is essential to prevent slippage of bags in transport or at the point of sales.

F-ESC (Controlled COF Film)

This film has a very high COF and is suitable for preventing packaging slippage at the point of sale. In addition, due to a tightly controlled COF property, in-process packaging of human and pet food is often done conveniently with this material.


This film is built with a unique capability to tear more easily than normal PET film (about 2X easier to tear). In addition, it tears more easily in TD than MD. The application of this film allows end-use packaging design with more robust opening features. This film is the subject of one global patent application.

Thin Gauge OPP (Grade B-TNP)

This type of material presents the opportunity to the end user for not only source reduction but the ability to build packages that open and transport more readily.

F-PAP (8μm)

This type of material represents a dual function. Source reduction and the ability to build packages with more robust opening conveniences.

F-DSC CC (Two Side Treated Grade)

This grade having two anchor coatings represents the ability to the converter to avoid inline priming. In addition, the highest bond levels can be achieved with the use of this grade thus very robust packaging can be constructed.


Super Hero Zone is an ode to high gas barrier materials that offer end-users improved freshness and date code extensions – A big step contributing towards the raison d'être of flexible packaging!


This grade of film is our highest barrier opaque metalized film. World-class barrier exhibited by this grade allows for general shelf-life enhancement for many foods and the capability to build new structures without foil.


This grade of film represents high metal adhesion and high barrier and is suitable for rigorous bag-in-box product structures. These types of end-use materials need robust properties to ensure product freshness.

F-PGX (Highest Barrier AlOx Grade)

This grade of film represents our highest barrier clear grade film. It complements F-EBP/M (opaque barrier film) and represents world class barrier properties from Flex. Customers wanting the highest clear barriers, with shelf-stable products will greatly benefit from this grade.

High Barrier OPP (Grade B-TVP/M)

This grade represents high MVTR in an OPP grade. Customers wanting high yield and high barrier will benefit from this grade.


RARE AIR Zone is your window to niche films. Here you will get unique ideas about applications best suited for the type of packaging you are developing.

F-SLR (Silicone Coated)

This FDA compliant silicone coated film may allow unique structures requiring high slip or food/drug release.

F-XLR & F-XLR/M (Ultra Clear Film)

Super clarity structures with eye popping graphics can be created with this grade.


This grade gives high adhesion properties and finds a unique niche in liquid packaging.

F-EGP (Low Density Metalized Film)

This grade of film can be used for microwave films or to create a unique look to a packaged product.

F-IST (Isotropic Film)

This grade of film is useful to minimize tearing in many converted structures. For instance, yogurt lids and frozen food lids.

Retort CPP (Grade to TBD)

This type of film is useful to create an extremely high seal strength that is moisture resistant for cooked retort grade foods.


Your search for films with striking visual appeal that is potent enough to render unmatched brand appeal evoking a ‘WOW’ for Consumer Package Goods ends at our INSIGNIA ENRICHMENT zone.

Holographic Film

These films can be imparted with brand logos for identification or security needs. Furthermore, general holographic grades give a unique and valued look to many packaging structures.


This grade has a very high gloss metalized surface. It can be used in many flexible or rigid decorative packages to impart a high-end look many end-users are desiring.

F-PLX (Mid Range AlOx)

This grade gives the end-user a green way to impart clarity or a window into a finished structure. The ability for the consumer to see the actual product gives them more connection with the purchased materials as well as confidence.

F-PDP (Digital Coated Grade)

This grade allows the end-user, or converter, to digitally print the surface of the film. Mass packaging customization, small lot size potential and targeted packaging is available through the use of this type of product.


These matte effect films give a paper like look to a finished package. Brand-owners can build a unique shelf appealing structure with the utilization of this and similar grades of films.


These white grade films represent a unique branding look. High gloss white can be built into unique packaging structures with a luxurious shelf-appeal.